Quest Europe 2009

Quest Europe 2009

5. International Original Cinema Festival Quest Europe

The following films have been selected for the competition of the 5th International Original Cinema Festival Quest Europe.

1. If it shouldn’t, by Alexandru Gherman, documentary, 14.51′ Romania
Obsessions and rituals are part of our everyday life. Let us not be driven by them, though…

2. Ania’s treasures, by Małgorzata Gryniewicz, documentary, 13′ Poland
Documentary tale about a young mountain girl who was born without arms. It is a story about strong personality and finding one’s place in the world.

3. All secred, by Tomasz Suski, feature, 65′ Great Britain
The film describes the story of Maria who looks after her terminally-ill mother. The state of the woman gets worse and worse and renders Maria unable to cope with the situation any more. Eventually she calls a line for people in similar situations. As a result of a transfer the phone is picked up by Black, an eccentric artist living alone at the seaside. Accidental talk is the start of a long telephone relationship…

4. Shame, by Edyta Sewruk, feature, 17,14′ Poland
This year’s craze of pre-Christmas preparations does not involve Richard, the hero of the film. He goes to Vienna. An amazing journey is awaiting him. Its finish will be a New Year’s surprise.

5. The father, by Claudiu Puscau, feature, 19′ Romania
The film presents a father who tries his best and compromises a lot in order to be close to his son taken to France without his consent by his wife.

6. My Houston, by Edyta Sewruk, documentary, 7.06′ Poland
A journey to “Houston” nearby Cracow turns out to be a return to the past for Jacob Meus. A memory of what’s most painful brings fear but also quite unexpectedly a relief and hope. Perhaps this is the only confrontation that lets one find a true him /her.

7. Gugara, by: Andrzej Dybczak and Jacek Nagłowski, documentary, 68′ Poland
The film “Gugara” is a real story about the disintegration of a small Serbian community. This documentary describes the world full of paradoxes of ex-nomads and reindeer shepherds forced to leave their traditional way of life. The film’s heroes are at different stages of saying goodbye to the world they know.

8. Mein vater schlaft, by Grzegorz Muskala, feature, 14′ Germany
Summer. It is a day in the life of ten-year old Mika, who lives a very poor life in the countryside with his family. His father is really ill and unable to cope with all daily duties at the farm. Mika has to help him. He is disturbed though by his six-year old sister, who still enjoys the beauty of childhood and believes the farm is her playground.

9. Section alluments, by Cristian Burrows, feature, 13.33′ Czech Republic
It is a project combining a feature and animated film. The story of Chilean working in France for years, frustrated with his work in a factory producing matches. He decides to leave everything and buy a sailboat. In the meantime the life of a small match in a box (pictures by Cezary Bordnini) flourishes between fear and joy.

10. Strawberries april, by Cornel Mihalache, feature, 20′ Romania
A father and a son meet after a three-year silence between them. The terminal illness of the father is a call on the son for the final talk, which is interrupted by a woman they both love…

11. Ruby wedding anniversary, by Andrzej Mańkowski, feature, 44′ Poland
The heroes of the comedy are: Anka, kyokushin karate master, her husband Mundek, a great pianist and Kazimierz, a pensioner living alone above Anka’s and Mundek’s place. Together with Kazimierz we listen to the very lively erotic life happening at Anka’s and Mundek’s.

12.  Yoko Ono’s Cups, by Andrzej Mańkowski, feature, 22′ Poland
“Yoko Ono’s Cups” is a story about derooting oneself to find oneself. The heroine: a 19-year old Janka comes from a catholic family. One day she meets an eccentric Russian girl Sara. The feeling that is the result of the meeting becomes the beginning of humiliation of Janka.

13. Actors, by Tomasz Wolski, documentary, 28′ Poland
A group portrait of a few actors, legends of Polish film, who were recorded at the set of “JESZCZE NIE WIECZÓR” by Jacek Bławut. The camera follows Nina Andrycz, Roman Kłosowski, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Irena Kwiatkowska at breaks between the shots.

14. Tarantino, by Mircea Nestor, feature, 17.20′, Romania
An irritating brother and an attractive girl who, unfortunately, falls for Tarantino.
The boy decides to take what he wants…But nothing goes according to the plan…
A brutally comic story about a brutally unlucky man..

15. PRL de luxe, by Edyta Wróblewska, documentary, 15′ Poland
Crazy Mike from Cracow organises trips for Western tourists during which he presents to them the beauty of life under the communist government. He takes them on a clapped-out old car to Nowa Huta where they visit the remains of the past. During a visit in other places he tells them about the absurdities of socialism. Is this trip going to leave any mark on them?

16. 7109, by Marcin Filipowicz, documentary, 20′ Poland
A documentary about a trip of a young Pole by a transsyberian rail to Irkuck to meet Tanya. She is the girl he fell in love with a few months ago during his trip in Siberia. Now he wants to see what there really is between them and ask her if she still loves him. To do this he travels 7109 km.

17. Henio, tomorrow we are going to see Widzew, by Michał Jóźwiak, 29′, documentary, Poland
Blind Marcin Works as a masseur for a football club. However, instead of going to games with his team, he takes the risk and goes there with fans. Even though he is blind himself he begins to take his blind son Henio to games with him.

18. Laundrette, by Michał Dąbal, feature, 13.32′ Poland
Paid killer (Mirosław Zbrojewicz), hired by a cirque clown (Iwo Pawłowski)  to do the job on his twin brother leaves on a dream journey around dark and strange places.

19. Palms, by Maciej Jurewicz, documentary, 4.41′ Poland
A documentary etude  on silence.

20. Miraslava, by Roberto Santaguida, documentary, 7.25′ Canada
Miraslava is an experimental documentary, an impression on looking for one’s place in the World..

21. Washing machine, by Jakub Pączek, feature, 13.33′ Poland
A film about  the cleansing power of truth. A story of an old communist washing machine that is a nightmare in the family life of Stefan Czarniecki untypical A-level student from a big housing estate. In his life and house some methaphorical phenomena from Polish history of the last 30 years come to happen.

22. The grandma is leaving, by Tomasz Jurkiewicz, feature, 18′ Poland
A 16-year old Jurek,a countryboy, has Got problems at school: he keeps lying and making up stories. Very soon this ability will turn out to be very useful for him. When his grandma, the closest person to him is taken to hospital Jurek will have to deal with his alcoholic father on his own.Competition films will be presented during the 3-day final Kuest Europe between 4th and 6th September at Nysa ciemna in Zielona Góra. A special guest of the final weekend at Nysa ciemna will be Jerzy Hoffman. He will meet filmmakers and audience after the screening of his latest film “Ukraine – birth of a nation”.

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